The Budleigh Music Festival depends on backing and contribution from the Friends of the Festival and its Benefactors. We value this very much indeed and thank them.

Very special thanks go to those who supported the 2015 Festival. Friends of Budleigh Music Festival, Mr & Mrs Gerald McEwen, Mr David Southerns towards the hire of the piano, Mr and Mrs Nichols towards the Schubert Concert, Whitton & Laing (for supplying and erecting road side advertisements for the Festival), Miss Mary Faulkner and very many others who give private donations.

Supporting the Budleigh Music Festival by becoming a Benefactor.

This concept allows you to make a donation (attracting Gift-Aid) – either as a stand-alone gift, or to help the Festival with some of its specific cost, in part or in full.

Ideas for the latter include:

• Evening concert fees – from individual performers to a full orchestra
(£700 to £5,000)

• Lunchtime concert costs (£100 – £250 each)

• Hire of piano (£1,700)

• Use of St Peter’s (up to £400 per evening concert)

• Use of The Temple (up to £800 for the week)

• Cost of printing: programmes (£1,000), flyers (£300) and brochure (£2,000)

• Maintenance of the website (£90 per year)

To download a Benefactor/gift aid form click here