Budleigh Music Festival depends on the enthusiasm and generosity of the Friends of the Festival and its Benefactors. We are extremely grateful for this valuable support which gives us the financial stability to plan ahead

Special thanks go to those who have, so generously, supported this year’s Festival: Devon County Council, Mr and Mrs R Hendy, Mr and Mrs B Hewett, the Norman Family Trust, Mr and Mrs A O’Connor, Mr and Mrs C Sayers, Tertius Enterprises Ltd., Mr and Mrs B Turnbull and many other kind donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Supporting the Budleigh Music Festival by becoming a Benefactor.
Joining the Festival as a Benefactor allows you to make a donation (attracting Gift-Aid) – either as a stand-alone gift, or to help the Festival with some of its specific costs, in part or in full.

Ideas for the latter include:
• Evening concert fees – from individual performers to a full orchestra
(£1,500 to £5,000)
• Lunchtime concert costs (£200 – £350 each)
• Hire of piano (£1,900)
• Use of St Peter’s (up to £400 per evening concert)
• Use of The Temple (up to £1,000 for the week)
• Cost of camera and screens (£1,400)
• Cost of printing: programmes (£1,000),flyers (£500) and brochures (£2,000)
• Flowers (£180)
• Maintenance of the website (£2,000 per year)

All the benefits of being a Festival Friend are extended to Benefactors. We will also publish your name in our Festival brochure, if you would like this.

To download a Benefactor Form click here